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The term “brand” encompasses multiple elements that all contribute to a business’s overall branding strategy and the impact made on the target audience. To make sure your business leverages your branding strategy to create the most authentic connections, engaging experiences and meaningful relationships with your customers, your team needs to have a strong understanding of the difference between the most commonly used branding terms. Read on to discover the difference between brand identity, brand image, and brand personality to ensure your branding strategy consistently communicates your business’s message and values to your customers.

What’s the Difference between Brand Personality, Image and Identity?

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the way people recognize how a brand represents its business. Your brand’s name, the colors you choose to reflect your brand’s vision, the logo you design to portray your brand’s message and the website you design to interact with your customers all contribute to your brand’s identity.

Brand Image

Brand image is the way your consumers receive your brand identity. It is the idea your audience has of your brand in their heads and the way they think and talk about your business with others. Accordingly, brand image impacts the expectations your users have and dictates how your business should respond.

Brand Personality

Brand personality refers to the attitudes, emotions, and characteristics associated with your business and plays an important role in how your company forms connections and builds interactions with your consumers. The personality will be the

feelings and emotions that your audience will take away from your brand. An effective brand personality makes it easy for your audience to form personal relationships with your brand and results in consumer loyalty.

What’s the Relationship Between Brand Identity, Image and Personality?

Brand identity, brand image and brand personality, though different, are equally important elements of a brand. Brand identity and image work together to communicate with the audience both explicitly and implicitly. Brand image and personality work together in that they both represent non-visual methods for communication that live inside the audience’s head. Brand personality and identity co-exist as the brand identity must express the brand’s human characteristics to its audience. Together, the three elements determine the audience’s all-encompassing brand perception. The images and copy associated with your brand, your brand’s personal perception as a result of public action, and your brand’s personal attributes must form a cohesive whole to resonate with and develop loyalty from your audience. The experts brand strategists at Rivers Agency know exactly how to do that.

Rivers Agency is a full-service, branding agency with a technology-fluent team of the most skilled and strategic branding experts in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area who are committed to elevating businesses and connecting brands to customers. We are fully stocked with storytelling gurus, savvy strategists, killer designers, and acrobatic producers and developers who can give your brand the kind of identity people can’t help but notice. When you work with us, you know your brand will be consistently communicated to your users with creativity and innovation. In the market for an advertising agency to develop your brand? Let’s work together!

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