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While huge marketing companies may boast impressive clients and an array of services, they may not be the right fit for your business needs. Whether you are looking to strengthen your brand, build a web presence or launch a strategic marketing campaign, a local ad agency offers several advantages by creating connections and bringing unique skills and expertise.

So what makes a local ad agency better? A local ad agency values each individual client by listening, communicating and forming deep relationships. Larger national marketing agencies are infamous for slow response times and layers of staff that impede work efficiencies while running up the clock. With a local ad agency, connection is the priority and exceeding client expectations every step along the way is the standard. There are numerous reasons why working with a local ad agency will help you achieve your brand and businesses objectives.   

1. Local Ad Agencies Know the Area 

A local ad agency has the advantage of knowing exactly what region you are in and who you are trying to reach. Employees at a local agency have access to the market environment that you are working in and can provide specialized expertise and nuanced knowledge. Who knows the area better than someone living in it? A local agency understands the local market and competition, and can help leverage the best people, resources and strategies. Additionally, a local ad agency has an established network with existing relationships nearby and can connect you to vendors and resources. 

2. More Accessible 

Communication is the cornerstone of local ad agencies. Exceeding clients’ expectations does not happen when they are left in the dark. A local agency treats each client as its priority. When you hire a local firm, you get individual attention and a team focused on your account, more so than if you were working with a marketing conglomerate. It is not uncommon to speak with the CEO on a regular basis or discuss marketing ideas with the agency team over lunch or drinks. A local agency values connection and relationships to help grow your brand. When you have a close relationship with your marketer, you can be more open with your opinions, ideas and objectives. 

3. Invested in Your Growth and Success 

Nobody knows your business better than you. A local ad agency collaborates with you every step of the way. They listen and communicate to build a collaborative environment. Wouldn’t you prefer to work with an agency that views you as a partner rather than a client? A local ad agency values results in the same manner that you do. They do not build campaigns to win industry awards but to deliver results that achieve the greatest outcome for their clients. When you form a relationship with your local ad agency you may end up having that connection for the rest of your career. Remaining with a reliable partner that values your time and purpose will not only save you money but can serve as a trusted resource for your company for many years to come. 

4. A Local Ad Agency Has Flexibility 

A local advertising agency does not admire advertising automations. Local agencies recognize that what people like best is to connect with something that feels personal. A set of “one best way to do things” is not found among local agencies. Whether it is a press release, event, new web design or branding, a local agency has flexibility in creating a message that is specific to you. Local agencies work closely with their clients to determine the messages they want to deliver, and which formats will be most effective. Their creative and targeted solutions meet the goals of their clients. Wouldn’t you prefer to work with an agency that can quickly adapt to meet your needs to achieve your objectives? 

5. Creativity Blossoms 

Creating ideas that people like takes a lot of skill and experience. Local ad agencies search high and low for the most creative and enthusiastic minds in their area. Each employee approaches projects with an open mind in order to generate fresh ideas and solve complex problems. With less overhead and cooks in the kitchen, a local advertising agency can try bolder and more out-of-the-box ideas. When someone truly knows your business, they will be able to generate ideas and solutions that will meet your needs. It’s amazing what can happen when a small group with a wide range of expertise and knowledge gets in a room to generate ideas and custom solutions for your brand. 

Need help? We might be just the right fit. If you’re struggling to handle marketing, advertising, public relations, design, branding or any other creative project, we’re here to help. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us. We can discuss your needs and dreams in depth and determine the next steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.


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