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TUNTek website mission statement

Rivers Agency is a full-service advertising agency with a reputation that reflects our strengths and our distinct personality. We have a proven history of providing innovative, attractive designs that represent the capabilities and values of our clients through clear navigation, user-friendly features and flawless coding. We are your source for web design in the Triangle…. Read More

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What’s the key to attracting interested, motivated visitors to your web site? Search engine optimization (SEO). No matter how informative or eye-catching a web site is, it won’t receive the views it deserves unless it has a well-designed and smartly executed SEO strategy. Search engine optimization is a form of online marketing that increases the… Read More

The holiday season is upon us — do you know what gift you’ll be giving your clients this year? Giving gifts to clients during the holidays is not only a great way to show them how much you appreciate their business; it is also the perfect opportunity to promote your brand. We recommend choosing an… Read More

Sweat, blood and vigor awaited Rivers Agency as we took our ringside seats at the “Momma Said Knock You Out” fight night Saturday, May 8th. After several weeks of working with fight sponsors Rapid Fitness and Jawbreaker Promotions, we were able to witness the effects of our promotional campaign efforts. Through local and social media… Read More

Success in the Public Relations field comes in getting good press. But, getting good press is not only about having a good story. Building solid relationships with the media is essential – at Rivers Agency, our relationships with our editors are a HUGE priority! In today’s fast paced environment, email has become the default mode… Read More

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While your New Year’s resolution to eat better or exercise more may have already fizzled, carrying through on that resolution to update your Web site is a must for boosting your business in 2010. Updating the content, design and image of your Web site is a simple and effective way to attract more visitors to… Read More

Social media. It’s the buzzword we all know and love to talk about. By now many businesses have incorporated Twitter and Facebook into their online identity. But with Twitter having recently celebrated its third birthday without an effective revenue model in place, we have to find it curious that companies are so eagerly jumping on… Read More