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Magento is a dominating giant in the world of e-commerce innovation, and Rivers Agency has a team of the most skilled Magento developers in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area who have the talent to give your brand an unprecedented shopping cart experience. How do we ensure that we give each of our clients an unbeatable online shopping interface that is just as flexible as it is unique? We have perfected a Magento development and design process that has been tested and guaranteed to deliver a market-ready e-commerce website at launch. Here is our ten-step Magento development process that ensures the creation of an e-commerce site that’s optimized across mobile platforms with an exquisitely branded design and an unparalleled user experience.

Rivers Agency develops Magento websites

UX Audit & Recommendations

The first step of our Magento development process explores and considers the user journey and the various ways users will engage with the completed e-commerce site. We work in close communication with you and your team to learn about your brand and business model so that we create a Magento website that reflects your business mission and resonates with your targeted audience. We strategize and develop the Magento site from both the new user and returning customer perspective, so that our finished product attracts, engages and maximizes the opportunities to turn shoppers into buyers.

Wireframe Timeline

Before our team starts developing the Magento site for a business, we work with your brand to create a wireframe timeline. This step involves forming a timeline for the Magento website mock-up and creating a structured vision and plan complete with tasks and deadlines to deliver the final product in a timely manner. We share the wireframe timeline with your team, so that we stay in constant communication and your brand can give us feedback throughout the entirety of the project.

Wireframe Artwork

Next, our team of creatives and developers collaborate to add stunning designs to the Magento website wireframe that earn loyal followers and convey a brand’s memorable message in a compelling and creative way. At Rivers, there’s a science to our art, and it begins in the planning stages. Beyond attention-grabbing demonstrations of skill, our wireframe illustrations play a key, calculated role in brand awareness and your user’s shopping cart experience. We work with your team’s inspiration to create wireframe artwork that conveys your brand message. From custom lettering to hand-drawn comics, digitally animated characters and more, out team’s range of creativity is wide and versatile.

Style Guide

After the wireframe is complete, our website developers and designers work with your team to create a comprehensive style guide to implement throughout a brand’s Magento website build. This step in the Magento website development process involves establishing a collection of design elements, such as font, voice, spacing and color scheme. The website developers at Rivers Agency understand the importance of consistency and cohesiveness in creating and enhancing an online brand identity, which is why we take the time to establish brand guidelines at the onset of a Magento website build.

Design Timeline

Like the wireframe timeline step in the Magento website development process, the creatives at Rivers Agency work with your brand to establish a design timeline that elevates your brand’s online identity, optimizes viewing across all devices and maintains a timely production process. Our Magento website design experts work tirelessly to ensure that your brand receives a Magento website that has responsive web design, a high-quality visual experience and flexible graphics and images.

Desktop Designs

At Rivers Agency, we understand the importance of stunning desktop designs and seamless user experiences. Our website designers have the skill and the creativity to deliver fresh, visionary designs that look remarkable on desktops to enhance your brand’s voice and elevate your business’s identity.

Mobile Designs

In a mobile-first world, customers are shopping on mobile devices now more than ever before. The website designers at Rivers Agency have the talent to bring the same seamless and stunning user experience on desktop to mobile devices with creative and innovative designs. Our team is committed to a Responsive Web Design approach to ensure your brand receives a high-quality e-commerce website on both desktop and mobile devices.

Software Development Plans

The process of developing a Magento e-commerce website requires the establishment of a systematic strategy to create and build an unbeatable shopping experience with a stunning user interface. Rivers Agency has a team of the most skilled website developers in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area that can bring your e-commerce vision to life through a thorough software development plan targeted at creating a fully-responsive and interactive Magento website. This step in the development process includes hosting setup, HTML/SCCJS/Flash development, cross-browser optimization and testing and QA.

Development Timeline

Website development is an extensive process. After we establish a software development plan to make your brand shine like never before, we work with your team to create a website development timeline to keep everyone in communication and on-task throughout the development process.

Completed Site

The final phase of Rivers Agency’s Magento website development process includes the launch of the completed site. Prior to the official launch, our website developers test and review the Magento website to ensure high functionality and seamless interactions in the final product. At Rivers Agency, we know how to produce a flawless design and user experience that leverages brands’ e-commerce platforms for optimal results. After the Magento website goes live, our team is always available for website management, customer support and new feature development to keep your brand ahead of the competition.

Rivers Agency is staffed with a team of Magento-certified experts to build your brand a Magento site that’s adaptable, scalable, multi-dimensional, cross-functional and unique to your business model. We train our Magento developers at Rivers Agency to develop and design an unbeatable shopping cart experience through a custom solutions approach to drive your brand to the forefront of the e-commerce field. In the market for a Magento website developer in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina Area? Let’s work together!

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